I am glad about these government mess ups!

I often think to myself, “what is it going to take for the masses to finally say enough?” I am glad that the Department of Justice targets journalist. I am glad that the IRS targeted “conservative” groups in their tax pillaging. I am glad that the Federal government arrested a peaceful, smart and such high profile member of the freedom movement for no reason what so ever. I am glad that the Feds sold guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. I am glad Obama kills innocent women and children over seas with the double tap method. I am glad Obama has appointed the ex-Vice President of Monsanto to the head of the FDA. Some of you may ask “why would you be glad they did these things?” My answer is very simple, it is because they got caught this time! It is more obvious than ever that the government is only out to watch their own backs. The idea of government, while in it’s intentions maybe good, is shown to be completely flawed. The phrase “That’s just how it is” is completely unacceptable! You can continue to be a slave, but I will not! I will NOT follow unjust laws, I will NOT be a victim to the state anymore! Go to this link and share! It is a world wide protest against a government backed corporation. Monsanto is protected by the Feds, because soon people here in the country will soon find out that GMO foods cause cancer, and with that in place, no one can pursue them…. despicable right??


Guess Who’s Back- Sanford’s back..again.


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It’s past time to wake up….

So, I’ve been gone for a while, please forgive me. I have been rather busy with a new job, and honestly, I’ve been rather selfish. I lost faith in our cause…I’m not proud of this, and I hope you all can forgive me.
Anyway, the issue I am addressing in this blog, is the pay raise that the entire Federal Government received. These are the same people who tell you we’re heading towards a “fiscal cliff”. They fight and bicker over where these “cuts” will come from, yet can agree long enough to give themselves MORE of your money. It’s all a big joke, and you, that’s right the average working American, is the butt of this joke.
With these pay raises, taxes will indeed rise, putting even less money in your pockets. If you’re fine with this, then ignore this rant, but maybe get your head examined. To ignore this and not get mad, is saying you’re ok with them making it harder for you to live.
Martin Luther King Jr said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I live my life by that quote, and hope that you will one day as well. Now here comes the most important question anyone can ask: what do we do about these crooks in office? Well, we have a few options. We can vote them out, recall them and remove them, and our last option, my favorite, pull an Iceland!
I’m from Georgia, and our current Senators are two of the worse in the country. We need someone, liberty minded, to end their joyride on tax payer money. We need someone completely outside of the 2 party system. Once we have these 2 individuals, we have to tell everyone we know about them. Grassroots will have to be our route. They will have the money, but we will have boots on the ground!
If you’re unaware what happened in Iceland, the people stood up and arrested the crooked politicians and bankers who ruined their economy. Once these people were in jail, the government then bailed out the people, instead of the banks, and their economy is booming. If you don’t believe me, look it up! In fact, look it up anyway, don’t take my word for it!
My fellow friends in liberty, it’s time we shake, yell, and scream at everyone who is asleep…before it’s too late! I’m back, and I’m not going anywhere else!

The Never Ending Story

One thing that has really been bothering me lately is, the fact that most Americans want MORE war than we already have. Obama and his current foreign policy is outrageous! Yet, Republicans call him weak on foreign policy, but truth be told, he is twice as bad as Bush. An even better point, where are all the anti-war people who opposed Bush?? Now that it’s a democrat, it is called “protection”. In this article, I am going to go in-depth and show you how much Obama has expanded on Bush’s policies, and how Romney claims he will take it further!

Obama promised in 2007, his first day in office he would close down Guantanamo Bay, end the Iraq War, and fix our economy. Well, if you’re keeping score, he is 0 for 3. The Iraq war is something I don’t give him credit for. I give that credit to Bush. Bush was the one who signed the contract with Iraq to get out before 2012. Also, we have 3rd party security in Iraq, so Blackwater (or whatever they go by today) is still there on our tax money. THE WAR ISN’T OVER THERE! With Guantanamo Bay, he helped oversee a 40 million dollar renovation. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8USRg3h4AdE) With the invasion of Libya, Obama claimed he “didn’t need approval” from congress.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77mjwWeO51c) Obama has more than tripled the amount of drone strikes that Bush did, in fact Bush only made 52 compared to Obama’s over 278!(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVWx24oDu_0) Obama also has a kill list, which has US citizen on it. Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16-year-old son, were the first US citizens killed, without trial, from the Obama Administration, and they were killed with drone strikes.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VueA_-T8DU) Remember by 2015, there will be 30,000 flying over the United States. Sleep well. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2DVclPfTm0&feature=fvwrel)

With his signing of HR 347, the NDAA and the FAA bill (that allows for over 30,000 drones to fly over the United States by 2015) he has put the nails in the coffin and completely buried the Constitution. His counterpart, Mitt Romney, claims he would have done no different! In fact, most republicans call him “weak” on foreign policy. It takes all I have not to scream and yell about things like this. The fact is people who support Obama or Romney, are saying killing US citizens without trial, and murdering thousands over seas, is okay with them. Romney promises tougher sanctions on Iran, which is code for war. When will we learn? What happened with the Roman Empire?? The same will happen here if we are not careful, and YES we are an empire!
People have told me, more than once, that Romney is a constitutionalist. If he is so great constitutionally, than he wouldn’t have said this…( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1yY3NCiMVQ) Romney has also stated he wouldn’t need “congressional approval” to go to war with Iran. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lEsB8p8zc0)
We also can’t leave out his stance on drone strikes! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBBg7zWiOIM)

I will close with a video that shows the major differences with Obama and Romney. Please watch and share this with your friends, not to get my views up, but to wake them up to the lies are war they are being fed constantly. Now you have an obligation to show these videos to everyone who isn’t aware. Even if you only make one more person aware, they could be the spark that the sheep need….never forget no one is too small to affect change!

The Rise of Libertarians

I get told all the time, “If you vote 3rd party, you might as well vote for Obama”. Well to be honest, that’s a bold face lie! A presidential candidate must EARN votes, they are not entitled to anything! Maybe if the GOP (nationally speaking) actually believed what they said they did, we wouldn’t have a need for a Libertarian option. More importantly, before I go on and on for hours, what is causing the rise in Libertarian ideas? Why is the Libertarian ideology becoming bigger and bigger??

Ron Paul is the first thing that comes to mind. He brought forth an entire new generation to the message of liberty. Both parties have been destroying civil liberties slowly for a long time, and it took the courage of Dr. Paul to shed light on the subject. Without Ron, there would be no great awakening right now.

People are tired of being scared. We hear constantly that we’re under attack. A few days ago, a top official was killed at a US embassy in Yeman. We have been told that the current protest going on around the world of US embassies is all due to a video. That is a lie. It is due to our foreign policy. When you attack a target with a missile, it destroys buildings and kills innocents in the area. That in turn creates hatred for the United States. Think about if Britain did that here. What if you and your family were having a picnic in the park and all of a sudden a black hawk helicopter shows up? They are aiming to kill someone who happens to be sitting near you, and the blast actually kills your son, daughter, and your wife. I believe you would be angry.

Both parties lie through their teeth. In the Vice Presidential Debate, VP Joe “Dementia” Biden, stated that Paul Ryan was the reason for the recession, because he voted for 2 wars, medicare part D, and it was all going on a credit card. What Dr. Biden (joke because he’s dumb) forgets to say is, he actually voted for them too…awkward! Then Biden runs to do away with the Patriot Act, but he wrote it…..MORE AWKWARD!! I also think it’s funny that Ryan pretends to be this “super conservative” when his economic plan only cuts suggested increases of a 30 year span.

The truth of the matter is, BOTH parties are complete failures in their “strong points”. Republicans are weak fiscally, and Democrats are weak on civil liberties. The current man running on the Libertarian Ticket, is a perfect mixture of true conservatism and civil liberty minded. Gary Johnson has a plan to cut federal spending in ALL departments by 47%. These are deeper cuts than Dr. Paul wanted to make. He supports gay marriage, ending the drug war, allowing you to drink raw milk, and basically just keeping the federal government off your back. He will repeal Obamacare and NOT replace it!

Let us no longer be slaves to a two party system, who’s candidates are pre approved by a higher power. Lets study our choices and make informed decisions. The media isn’t going to allow you to hear all sides of the story, so you will have to do this on your own. Make yourself a force for fairness and equality!

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